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Giil Taws

New article is beeing translated. Title of the article :
The movie and the sword
Looking forward to hear your comments.


... waiting for your words..


Happy to hear another article is on its way! ,-)


We are on our way...
New article to come...

Visit www.nagnu.com


I like it all! Your words, your view on cinema, the pix that are very enigmatic...
Wish you the best Giil and DavidCharles!


Hell of an article on cinema!

One day you'll be at the Cannes Festival and blow it from the inside!


Very interesting artists! I recommend this article to every European (.. and the rest of the world too!)


Great article and great philosophy!


Hi Magnus! I agree with you, this cinema-poetry relationship should be explored further. Cinema gets really interesting when it goes above easy entertainment. It can then become art. More cinema people should apply this view of cinema.


I am from Iceland and I think that this relationship between cinema and poetry should be explored further. In fact, poetry seems to many poeple a right solution to maintaint the equilibrium between cinema industrie and art.

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