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Nickkie B.

Will the EU be able to integrate a new Member State in the coming years? Could Croatia get European in 2009?

Josh Adams

Sorry guys, I don't believe in Europe. It is just a big utopia to me!

Patrick (Tampere, Finland)

Very good article.

...and yes, in favor of Bulgaria in the EU!


Patrick Scala

Yes to Bulgaria an Romania in the EU. They have been waiting too long to get in!
Merry X-mas to all Europeans...

^ - ^

No to poor countries in Europe!

Arnjo (Finnish guy in France)

Interesting issue!
As a European I feel concerned and I agree with Bulgaria (and Rumania) membership since it enlarges the UE in terms of size and population and therefore will little by little strenghten it.
It might be painful at the beginning but then Europeans will benefit from a stronger Europe.

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